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GirlCode Fitness was founded by us, 3 female Personal Trainers who decided to merge our businesses together to create something special.

We all worked in a large commercial gym that was predominantly run by men, with most of the members in the weights area also being men. We were tired of hearing that so many women did not feel comfortable in the gym and that they felt far too intimidated to even learn what to do.

We wanted to make a change and introduce more women to lifting weights and get them actual, long lasting results. We made the decision to start running our GirlCode Fitness Bootcamps on the gym floor.

Before we knew it, we had a tribe of confident, strong women who were lifting weights in the “scariest part of the gym”.

Due to the success of our bootcamps, we realised that we were limited on just how many women we could help, which is why we opened our private, women’s only studio in 2019!

Our ultimate goal is to educate, empower and transform each and every woman that walks through our doors. 

All three of our health and fitness journeys have been a little different, offering our #girlcodearmy a wide variety of  life experience and expertise. We have found that TOGETHER, we can lift each other up and support each other and that #togetherwearestronger

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frequently asked questions

There is public parking on Cook St, by the building and also a larger carpark around the back of the building.

Firstly, make sure you have booked your class, consultation or PT session as there may not always be someone available for a chat!

Once you enter the building, walk up the stairs and to the back. You’ll see our studio through the windows, you can’t miss it! Feel free to come in, however if there is a class in progress, please enter through the back door and wait for one of us. Please wash your hands before entering the studio in the bathrooms on the right of the corridor.

If you are doing a class you will need to provide your own booty band (not needed for Step & Punch). We sell these in the studio for £10 each, or they can be purchased online (Amazon, etc.). Other than that, just bring your lovely self,  a positive attitude and your own towel! Please wear appropriate gym wear and shoes for all classes and pt sessions.

We have options for all levels of fitness and our classes are suitable from beginners up to advanced as exercises can be changed and adapted to meet your fitness level. Just remember that everyone is there to GET FITTER! Everyone was once a beginner!

We do have toilets but no showers (yet)!